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Planning finally complete.

Let’s just say that before tonight is over, you and a date might have some Intelligentsia on the second “L” of the Hollywood sign, sushi in a rooftop convertible and mason jar drinks at Bigfoot.

That last one is just because Bigfoot is awesome.

Now as for what you’ll be wearing...

Enter Unionmade, the new, more central outpost of iconic, American-made clothing and face stuff that’s three times the size of the Brentwood location, open as of today at the Grove.

First, you have to find it—it’s sort of hidden away from the crowds. (Drive in toward the parking structure from the Fairfax side and you’ll see it on your right, across from Umami.) It’s a handsome general store of blond-wood floors and black shelves, overstuffed with the kind of spotless/rugged Americana-ish oxfords and denim that... isn’t that rugged. You don’t want to spill your cappuccino on it at Urth Caffé.

So, yeah, for tonight: obscure vintage Levi’s, Wolverine boots, a Shinola watch and a tartan-lined Golden Bear barracuda jacket should get you through the whole itinerary—and anytime you’re hitting Silver Lake going forward, really. There’s also plenty of Baxter of California shaving stuff.

For entering neighborhoods that look kindly on shaving.


189 The Grove Dr
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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