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Suckling Pig in a Palatial Dining Room

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The 15th century had its ups and downs:

Ups: people really knew how to feast.

Downs: no way of streaming House of Cards.

We’re focusing on the positives today.

Give a hearty 21st-century welcome to M.C. Spiedo, a palatial court of really old-school power dining, now soft-open in the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel.

This is the kind of joint you’d frequent if the year were 1479 and your last name were Medici. Also works if it’s 2014 and your last name is... whatever your last name is. Because you’ve got a seductive, red-tinged dining room saturated with chandeliers, gold columns and a general Borgias vibe.

Your primary play here: power lunches. Hold court in a booth concealed by crimson curtains and plot your rise to power/plans for next weekend over veal burgers and a Manhattan.

Then again, maybe an imminent, non-federally-recognized holiday (read: Valentine’s Day) has you searching for a romantic date spot. In that case, come in with your comely co-celebrant, grab a two-top and start with a couple things from the roving antipasto cart. Then move on to housemade burrata and a suckling pig that’s roasted in the kitchen on a 40-inch spit.

Nothing says “Be Mine” like suckling pig.

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