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A Secret Gastropub Next to Lawry’s

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No offense to pyrotechnics, flying horses or Russian police officers singing Daft Punk, but grand entrances can be sort of exhausting.

So with your permission, we’d like to say a few kind words about the joys of the discreet entrance.

Actually, we’ll just point you in the direction of SideDoor, an inconspicuously located, leather-trimmed gastropub from the Lawry’s folks, now open in River North.

To find it: enter on Rush Street—there’s only a small sign marking the door. This place has been carved out of a corner of Lawry’s like a thick, juicy piece of prime rib.

See, this 1890s mansion, built by Cyrus McCormick and later used as a puppet opera, has been Lawry’s since 1974. But you probably knew all that. Your affinity for puppet-opera history is legendary.

Now you’ll find a more laid-back, wood-paneled enclave perfect for casual (but under-the-radar) encounters involving roasted-meat boards, prime rib chili cheese fries and IPA beer pretzels.

The best seats are in what they call the Nook, a semiprivate cove near the open kitchen.

The wafting aroma of sirloin sets the mood while you and a colleague discuss... oh, let’s say strategy, over Negronis made with smoke-infused ice cubes.

Just remember: we said semiprivate...


100 E Ontario St
(entrance on Rush)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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