Tenoch Mexican

Perfect Tenoch

A North End Stronghold of Mexican Delights

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You know what they say about the North End.

“Great tortas.”

All right, no one’s ever said that. Someone will, though. Probably you.

But only upon the arrival of Tenoch Mexican, your new bastion of hearty sandwichery and lamb tacos, open as of today in the North End.

Below, four ways to harness its substantial powers...

For a quick, nothing-to-see-here kind of lunch.
It’s like a fortified tamale bunker in here. All molded tin ceilings, wood beams and steel walls. Just the place to duck out of the cold and tap into an ample supply of coconut horchata until spring. Or whenever you finish eating.

As a renewable takeout resource.
You have an infinite amount of appetites. They have an infinite amount of edible Mexican things for you to take home. This works out well for everyone.

For breakfast. Simply... for breakfast.
Starting at 8am each day, they’ll be serving breakfasts of huevos tortas and egg-topped chicharones. So not light breakfasts.

Oh, and they’ll eventually have a food truck.
But you’ll have to wait until April for that one.

It’ll be a Springmas miracle.

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