Hive Bar

An Airstream Turned Mercenary Bar for Hire

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When you have a car emergency, you call AAA.

When you have a health emergency, you call an ambulance.

And when you have a bar emergency, you call... these guys.

Get ready for some emergencies with Hive Events, a fully operational, fully mobile cocktail lounge situated inside an ’83 Airstream trailer that comes to your house, available for hire now.

1983. That’s when this magnificent piece of American machinery was born as a trailer. Then one day, a contractor and a carpenter-sommelier turned it into a saloon on wheels by gutting the inside and replacing it with cedar paneling, custom seats and a velvety lounge sofa.

And an entire stocked bar and four tap lines.

Now it’s a roving bar for hire. Give them a week’s notice, tell them what you’re into, and they’ll set up shop in your yard/parking lot/drive-in living room. You can hold court inside the lounge or just walk up to the window and treat it like a Sazerac-dispening ice cream truck.

Pro tip: these guys will also cater to any imbibing and theming whims you may have.

Presidents’ Day luau sounds about right.

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