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Bikes, Watches and Blue Bottle at Shinola

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Nothing to see here.

Just your everyday café.

You can get a coffee. You can loiter. You can get another coffee and start feeling a little more jittery and a little more amazing.

You can buy a bike, a leather wallet and a fine, fine made-in-Detroit watch.

Just your average, everyday café...

Hey, look, it’s a Shinola Pop-Up—it’s selling all the good Shinola stuff, and it’s now open inside the Station SF.

It’s no big deal or anything. It’s only the first Shinola pop-up anywhere in the country, that’s all. So come here when you need an extreme fix of rich, piping-hot caffeine to ensure your very survival...

And also when you’re in the mood to pick up a three-speed Bixby cruiser or an 11-speed Runwell, the kind of bike first used by newspaper couriers in Paris. You’ll find them right in the corner, along with iPad cases, wallets and watch straps, all made with the finest Horween leather from Chicago. And while you’re there, maybe a handsome Brakeman watch.

Okay, fine, and another coffee.


Shinola Pop-Up
inside The Station SF
596 Pacific Ave
(at Columbus)
San Francisco, CA, 94133


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