Things to do for January 30, 2014

The Weekender

Coffee, Cocktails and Bill Murray. It’s the Weekend.

The state of the weekend remains strong.

Stargazing from Capella’s Rooftop

Stargazing from Capella’s Rooftop

Now served with your dinner: a side of the infinite beyond. For five nights this winter, Capella will bring you three courses in its private room, before putting a hot beverage in your hand and taking you up to the roof for some stargazing with telescopes and some guidance from a UMD astronomer.

Jan 30 and four more dates through Mar 31, 6:30pm, $175, Capella, 1050 31st St NW, reserve at 202-617-2410 or here

A Stunning Coffee Shop in an Alley

A Stunning Coffee Shop in an Alley

As far as things you could seek out in an alley, great coffee probably has the least downside. Here then: La Colombe, a serious (read: no wi-fi) java shop out of Philly, right next to Rogue 24. Expect high ceilings, brick, a marble counter and single-pours from a machine called the “Steampunk.” Yes, really.

Expected to open Jan 31, 7am, La Colombe, 924 N St NW (in Blagden Aly), 202-289-4950

Bill Murray Film Fest at Satellite Room

Bill Murray Film Fest at Satellite Room

Your excuse list for skipping the Super Bowl: Bill Murray. And that’s about it. Satellite Room is offering alternate programming by running nonstop Murray movies along with Murray-inspired fare like meatballs and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Milkshake. Feel free to cross the streams.

Petworth Citizen’s Reading Room Opens

Petworth Citizen’s Reading Room Opens

Now you’ve got something else to do while sipping dark beers and mugs of punch. Namely, read. No, not at your kitchen table. At Petworth Citizen’s new Reading Room, a haven of desks, high-top tables and shelves for 3,000 books, which you can grab at your leisure. May we suggest a Beetle Bailey anthology.

Cocktail Classes, José Andrés–Style

Cocktail Classes, José Andrés–Style

This might be a good time to brush up on your bartending basics. Or your salt-air and cotton-candy basics. For its first birthday, Barmini is doing four cocktail classes, spanning drinks of the 1800s through its own modern molecular mixology like salt-air margaritas and cotton-candy Old Fashioneds. The cocktail circus has come to town.

Feb 5 and Wednesdays throughout February, 6-7:30pm, $95, Barmini, 855 E St NW, reserve at 202-393-0812 or here

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