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A Winter Refuge Filled with Rum and Meat

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Snow in Charleston.

Freezing rain in New Orleans.

Ice skating rinks for highways in Atlanta.

Yep. Pretty tough day for the South.

But look on the bright side... we’re having a great day.

Because all of a sudden, we’re looking forward to Savvor Restaurant & Lounge, your new Leather District refuge for fried quail, giant steaks and rum cocktails, expecting to open mid-to-late next week.

Until July, this was District. Which just so happened to leave its exposed brick walls, high-backed leather booths and two bars lying around. Throw in some electric blue paint and Southern/Caribbean comestibles, and you’ve got yourself a Savvor.

Just the place to stage a second date from a fortress-like booth with a menu of small plates. And soon, it’s all cornmeal-fried quail with brown-sugar waffles and polite conversation. Until you share a 20-ounce rib eye with black-eyed peas ragout. Then it’s... whatever that is.

Eventually, you’ll want to choose between one of two identical bars for after-dinner Sazeracs and customized rum drinks. How that works: pick your favorite Caribbean island. Then they’ll ask what kind of cocktails you like and make you a drink from that island’s native rum.

Picking your favorite rum probably works, too.


Savvor Restaurant & Lounge
180 Lincoln St
Boston, MA, 02111


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