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The Best in Super Bowl Delivery

As fun as being outside in the middle of Jersey for five hours in February sounds, maybe you’ll opt to watch Super Bowl XLVIII from the comfort of the great indoors. Let’s call the affair, a “Super Bowl party.” And let’s get these quintessential Super Bowl needs delivered to your door...

Miss Lily’s Jerk Wings

Miss Lily’s Jerk Wings

The Usual: Questionable wings.
The Upgrade: Slow-cooked Jamaican wings that have been brining and marinating for three days. They’re also a great way to segue into discussing the Jamaican bobsled team’s ’14 chances at halftime.

For takeout or delivery, $10/six, Miss Lily’s, 132 W Houston St (between Sullivan and MacDougal), 646-588-5375

On-Demand Keg Delivery

On-Demand Keg Delivery

The Usual: A bunch of cans of whatever’s in the fridge.
The Upgrade: All kinds of large metal vessels (aka “kegs”) of the Super Bowl–improving substance known as beer, delivered whenever it’s convenient via the magic of a quick Internet order.

Parm’s Large-Format Sandwich

Parm’s Large-Format Sandwich

The Usual: A plate created by quote-unquote “sandwich artists.”
The Upgrade: A three-foot sandwich with either Italian meats, chicken cutlet or roasted turkey. Oh, and some of their famous meatballs and agrodolce (Italian sweet-and-sour) wings for good measure.

Available now, $99, Game Day Package from Parm, 248 Mulberry St (between Spring and Prince), 212-993-7189, preorder here

The Loaded-est Nachos

The Loaded-est Nachos

The Usual: Nachos, made to the best of your ability.
The Upgrade: Barbecue chicken, Carolina pulled pork and Texas brisket somehow all piled atop a mound of tortilla chips. Because subtlety has no place at a Super Bowl party, and protein is important.

Yes, the Cocktails

Yes, the Cocktails

The Usual: ... not cocktails.
The Upgrade: Aaron Polsky (late of Amor y Amargo, now of Gin Palace) draws from his vast mental library of cocktail splendor and mixes bottles of drinks anytime between now and Sunday. You just add ice when the time’s right.

Available online now for delivery, $3/cocktail plus liquor, Bottled Bartender, 732-703-7577

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