Bowl Man

Your Guide to Super Bowl Feasting

This year, Tom Brady will be watching the Super Bowl at home like the rest of us. (Or not.) But that doesn’t mean you won’t still enjoy it. Because there are people willing to cook you ribs and entire suckling pigs and bring them to your place. And all this other good stuff.

Bulky Game Day BBQ at East Coast Grill

Bulky Game Day BBQ at East Coast Grill

The Usual: The wings of a chicken.
The Upgrade: All of a chicken, roasted on a spit. Plus whatever assortment of ribs, North Carolina–style pulled pork and Texas brisket your party requires. The catch: they only offer delivery on orders over $500. So maybe make it a big party.

Suckling Pigs. And All of Commonwealth.

Suckling Pigs. And All of Commonwealth.

The Usual: Pigs in a blanket.
The Upgrade: Your very own, 30-plus-pound suckling pig, roasted and delivered. Alternatively, you could just rent out Commonwealth for $30,000 on Sunday and have Nookie Postal do whatever you ask. Like make an entire suckling pig in a blanket.

Order pigs by 3pm on Jan 28, $35/person, Commonwealth, 11 Broad Canal Way, Cambridge, 617-945-7030

Leave the Ribs to Savenor’s

Leave the Ribs to Savenor’s

The Usual: Grilling in intensely non-grilling weather.
The Upgrade: Outsourcing the job. To a place filled with animal protein, house BBQ rubs and people who work with meat for a living. They’ll take care of the ribs and wings and have them delivered. You just find a way to pick up some Doritos.

A Super Bowl Breakfast from Pauli’s

A Super Bowl Breakfast from Pauli’s

The Usual: Cheerios. Maybe.
The Upgrade: A heaping breakfast platter delivered to you that has both teams represented. Think: Denver omelet sandwiches, and salmon and cream cheese bagels. After all, Super Bowl breakfast is the most important meal of Super Bowl Sunday.

Order by Feb 1, $50-$250, serves 10-50, Pauli’s, 65 Salem St, 857-284-7064

Lobster Popcorn and Cider at Row 34

Lobster Popcorn and Cider at Row 34

The Usual: Inviting people over to your house.
The Upgrade: Inviting yourself to Row 34’s Super Bowl party. Because they’ll be tapping a cask of French cider and distributing snacks like crispy glazed fish collars and lobster-roe popcorn. Lobster-roe popcorn never comes out right at home.

Feb 2, 6pm, Row 34, 383 Congress St, Fort Point, 617-553-5900

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