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Here’s the Presidio’s One and Only Brewery

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Friday afternoon: naturally you’re having Friday afternoon thoughts.

About the fundamental origins of recalcitrance in the modern-day workforce.

And about beer. Some pretty deep thoughts about beer...

Consider the poignant gleaming of Fort Point Beer Company, a massive new brewery hidden in plain sight in the Presidio, now operating on Crissy Field.

It’s a 20-barrel system here, which means, to get a little technical for a second: they are making so much beer. They don’t have a formal tasting room, but if you’re biking down Crissy Field or doing some rock climbing at Planet Granite and you happen to see the garage doors rolled up at Building 644, walk in. Shake somebody’s hand. Ask a question using the word “hops.” You might end up getting an informal private tour.

Or just venture out and buy their beer now. It just started rolling out across the city. Tosca has it. Mission Cheese has it. City Beer has it. Lots of other places, too. You might first want to try the KSA (a traditional German-Kölsch-style ale), the Park (a light, citrusy and hoppy wheat beer) and...

And at 2pm on Saturday, they’ll be tapping their Westfalia, a Nuremberg-style rotbier, at the Biergarten.

Just throwing it out there.


Fort Point Beer Company
644 Mason St
(inside the Presidio)
San Francisco, CA, 94129


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