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Korean Tacos and Fried Chicken Downtown

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“But where is it?”

—is something no one will ever ask about this place.

Because it’s called InBoston, and it’s a closet-sized distributor of Korean tacos and spice-laden fried chicken that’s soft-open now, and... yep, we checked: it’s in Boston. Downtown Crossing, to be precise.

This isn’t easy to find. And that’s for a few reasons: 1) There’s no website. Not even a Facebook page. 2) The outdoor signage from the sandwich shop it replaced is still up. 3) Try asking someone how to find InBoston in Boston.

But tell you what. Just head downtown and look for a little white room with eight seats and a distinct aroma of chicken being fried twice. And an open kitchen where two guys are brushing drumsticks and wings with a secret hot sauce or a soy-garlic glaze. It’s all set up quite perfectly for a quick lunch.

And just like that, you’re de-chickening chicken wings and wondering aloud what a K-Taco is. It’s a corn tortilla full of cheese, salsa and Korean BBQ, by the way. Not some sort of Asian DJ.

And we hear they’ll start delivering to downtown next month, by either bike or moped.

“Fried-chicken moped” has a nice ring to it.

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