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Beautiful Weekends of Trailer Leisure in Big Sur

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There are so many ways to handle an unseasonably warm weekend.

You could handle one in a beautifully restored ’65 Airstream parked in Big Sur, whiling away your days with wine, a hammock and an outdoor shower in the redwoods, or you could...

... not do that? For some reason?

Gas up for Big Sur Getaway, which is sort of like a campground but nothing like a campground because of all the wine and hammocks and fancy redwood showers, taking reservations now via email.

What’s happening here is three handsome trailers, and three handsome trailers only—book the ’74 Avion if you’re feeling like a birchwood, flat-screen and French press kind of hideout, or the ’65 vintage Airstream Safari if you’re having an anti-TV, pro-hammock, pro-Chemex feeling in your gut. (There’s also an ’87 Airstream Tradewind being restored, which will be ready any day now.)

Regardless, your day will also incorporate some time at your fire pit, potentially with some graham crackers and marshmallows, and after all the day’s hard work—caffeinating, warming your hands and maybe finding some wine in Big Sur—you won’t want to ignore that redwood shower. Yes, it’s got hot water, and yes, it’s pretty private.

Nobody will hear your rendition of “Timber.”


Big Sur Getaway
Clear Ridge Rd
(near Highway 1)
Big Sur, CA, 93920


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