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Sometimes, we get mail. And sometimes (okay, this is the first time) we respond to the good stuff. Burning inquiries, meet critical intel. We call it: The Mailbag. Guess it’s self-explanatory.

The topic: Trunk Club.

I was at Sissy’s when I saw a sign across the street for something called Trunk Club. And that is...?
John B, Lower Greenville

UD: ... A place that typically curates a bunch of dapper clothes and ships them to you via trunks. Hence the name. Anyway, they’ve set up an actual shop in a wood-and-brick warehouse on Henderson. It’s nice.

I’m thinking about checking out this Trunk Club. Good idea?
George L, Deep Ellum

UD: Depends. Do you like being greeted with a glass of whiskey? If so, proceed.

I just bumped into George L and he apparently drank whiskey at Trunk Club. What gives? Thought they sold clothes?
Hank C, Uptown

UD: Serve drinks. Sell clothes. There’s even in-house consultants who’ll help you comb through racks of Jack Spade shirts and J. Press jeans. Helpful when you’re preoccupied with whiskey.

I think I’d like Trunk Club, but Henderson is far. Now what?
Matt M, Suburbs

UD: Now you ring them and order one of those trunks for delivery. Keep what you like, return what you don’t.

No, they won’t ship the booze.


Trunk Club
3010 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, TX 75206


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