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Best part about a hotel room in Sonoma:

The pretzels in the minibar. No, the pizza from room service. No, the ’63 Porsche Cabriolet convertible someone just delivered to you out front.

Yeah. Probably that.

Don’t lose your keys for DB Autosportif, a classic-car rental service in Sonoma that’ll drop a revving ’60s wonder at your hotel if you don’t want to pick it up, taking reservations now.

These guys have supplied auto parts to IndyCar race teams for some time, but sadly they were left with a deep, profound sense of unfulfillment. Naturally, they realized the only thing that would satisfy them would be to bring you a Porsche, a ’64 Jaguar E-Type or some other pristine ’60s convertible, so you could drive around Sonoma saying things like “Lovely day, isn’t it” and “Don’t mind the rain, we’ll just speed up for a minute until we hit a new weather pattern.”

They’ve got around 15 to choose from, most convertibles and most from the ’60s. The extremely unfortunate news is that they’re mostly all two-seaters as well, so there’s likely only going to be room for you and a date inside.

Tough break.


DB Autosportif
21881 8th St E
(near Peru)
Sonoma, CA, 95476


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