Lobster Fish Sticks

Served Up

You’ve Never Lobster’d Like This Before

None Some foods are considered too precious, too sacred to be messed with.

Exhibit A: the fish stick.

Just kidding. Those should totally be messed with. Messed with using lobster. Lots of it.

Because then you get Lobster Fish Sticks, the aptly monikered apex of finger-food achievement, available through the rest of January at JM Curley.

What you have here is a mix of lobster and pollack that’s generously coated with panko breadcrumbs before being fried into a bunch of crispy parallel lines and drizzled with lemon aioli. It’s not science or anything. It’s just lobster fish sticks.

And hey, now you can eat lobster with one hand (which... anyway). So while one is being used as a vessel with which to transport crustacean sticks into your mouth, the other is free to conduct the more serious business of the evening.

Like holding gin drinks. And drinking gin drinks.

And gesticulating for additional gin drinks.

And lobster fish sticks.


Lobster Fish Sticks
available at JM Curley
21 Temple Pl
Boston, MA, 02111

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