OddFellows Speakeasy

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Four Things to Know About OddFellows Speakeasy

Take a look at your phone.

Go ahead. Check Facebook, snap a pic of your lunch, whatever.

Now, put it away. Somewhere nice and safe.

Because where you’re going, you don’t need phones.

Stick with us here.

It’s called OddFellows Speakeasy. It’s now open. And...

... you’ll find it in the Plymouth Hotel.
Same place that houses the Sweetwater Beer Garden. Run by the same guys, too. Except this new spot’s got a decidedly sultrier vibe—dim lights, vintage couches, glittering chandeliers.

... it’s one of those members-only spots.
With all kinds of rigorous tests of your worthiness. Walking on hot coals. Wrestling a great white. Your best karaoke rendition of “Wrecking Ball.” Or, you know, just filling out an application here.

... they’re not afraid to mess with the classics.
Cocktails, that is. Think: gingerbread Old Fashioneds and mezcal Blood and Sands. You’ll order them from a hotel reception desk that’s been converted into a bar. Best argument for repurposing yet.

... your smartphone’s sitting this one out.
There’s a strict no-cell-phone policy here. But... there is a phone booth. Sort of. See, it doesn’t actually dial out. It’s more like a confessional. Whatever you reveal in there gets recorded and piped into the restroom for everyone’s listening pleasure.

So bring your A material.


OddFellows Speakeasy
336 21st St
Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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