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A Speed-Limitless Motorcycle Trip Across Nepal

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Bhaktapur. Fattepur. Taplejung.

Ten bucks says you have no idea where these cities are.

But 11 bucks says you’d take a motorcycle road trip to find out...

Put the throttle down for The East Nepal Experience, an 11-day journey crisscrossing Nepal on a legendary bike, taking reservations now.

Two things you must know about Nepal:

1) It’s one of the most geographically diverse places on the planet.
2) Speed limits don’t exist there.

Which is why you’re flying into Kathmandu, hopping on a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle and Easy Rider–ing off into the Himalayan sunset. Your first stop: the temple-laden medieval city of Bhaktapur. A few hours at 90 mph later: Fattepur, a jungle village where pigeon is the local delicacy. Which you’ll follow up by visiting some cloud cities and tea fields separated by a few hundred more miles of open road... so make sure your GPS is charged (or brush up on your Nepalese).

Along the way, you’ll sleep as the locals do. By which we mean you’ll stay in their homes. And eat their barbecued buffalo. And kick back plenty of tongba, the local tipple made with boiling water and millet grain that’s basically like hot beer.

It also pairs great with buffalo.


The East Nepal Experience
via The Himalayan Motorcycle Experience
Kathmandu, Nepal
+977 9843 286400
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