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Beacher’s Madhouse, by the Numbers

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Beacher’s Madhouse.

After six long years, it’s back in Vegas. And now, it’s for good.

Consider yourself warned...

Anyway, you probably know the LA outpost. But basically, you’re looking at Steppenwolf meets The Wolf of Wall Street. A red-velveted, vaudevillian circus variety show and funhouse tucked behind a secret bookcase entrance at MGM Grand. Expect a lot of little people, and not a lot of moral fiber.

It’s in previews now, but the grand opening/chaos really begins January 17. Here’s a look at what you’ll find, by the numbers.

Square feet of strangeness: 8,500
Different stages, excluding the main one: 15
Secret places where various little people will be emerging from: more than you can count
Number of those that’s a cannon: 1
Acts that involve mini Miley Cyrus crashing through the stage on a wrecking ball and grinding up on mini Robin Thicke: > 0
Height, in inches, of the tallest exotic dancer who’ll be performing: 79
Age in years of the house DJ: 8
Wild animals (monkeys included) that’ll be freely roaming the place: at least 2
Anatomically unbelievable body parts one particular dancer uses for crushing watermelons: exactly 2
Odds that dancer is related to Gallagher: 3:1


Beacher’s Madhouse
at MGM Grand
3799 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


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