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This winter’s been brutal on Downtown.

Temperatures down to the mid-60s, and no Ace Hotel to shelter you...

Until now. Finally. Welcome to the Ace Hotel, the new apex of louche Downtown-ness, now open on Broadway. Here are five ways you’ll use it:

Some leisurely lobby loitering.
First things first: the lobby. You could lose a couple hours wandering around down here—listening to records at the Amoeba station, getting some Stumptown from the counter, buying some Moscots and modeling them in the photo booth. But not too many hours, because...

The mezzanine bar is smiling down on you.
Go to her. Commandeer her marble-iest marble table. Admire the view of your recent lobby past. Have a Tijuana Bible (that’s mezcal, pineapple, jalapeño and sherry). Fine. Great. But...

The rooftop calls. Urgently.
It is dubbed: Upstairs. And it is glorious. Because suddenly you’re sitting around 14 floors over Downtown, drinking under a rustling coral tree and a “Jesus Saves” sign...

And technically, they have rooms.
Lots of ’em. Could come in handy if your date really, really likes “Jesus Saves” signs.

But as for the grandiose old Theatre...
1,600 seats. Mary Pickford mosaics. A truly stunning overhead dome. Events start in February, and you can book now for a private screening next month and beyond.

In matters of popcorn, you plan ahead.


Ace Hotel
929 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA, 90015


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