Gaux Ahead

The Marlton’s New Dinner Spot

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It’s days like these when you realize the importance of warmth.

And shelter.

And cocktails.

And lamb chops.

And... this place.

Meet Margaux, a rangy stunner of a Greenwich Village hotel restaurant, now open at the Marlton Hotel.

You may have passed by the Marlton since its reopening. You may have been among the impeccably coiffed patrons sipping from stemmed glassware in the dim, sexy bar. And just past that, you may have noticed the golden light of this, the hotel’s crown jewel: an elaborate network of herringbone floors and green leather banquettes where you’ll consume high-quality sustenance.

Next time you meet someone and think, “I’d like to meet this person some more,” this is your I-know-a-place spot. It checks off all the major place-knowing requirements. There’s cocktails (try The Dharma Bum, a pisco concoction named for a certain Beat writer who lived here). There’s a painter’s palette of vegetables and grains called the Farmer’s Board. And, of course, there’s two-person ribeyes.

The main dining room should do just fine for your needs. But keep exploring beyond it to the small indoor villa, replete with hanging gardens and green-shuttered windows.

You’re the Vasco da Gama of hanging gardens.

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