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Carbonated Cocktails on Tap in Brickell

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Shame about Brickell.

All of those restaurants and bars that just shuttered up and closed.

Let’s have a moment of silence for the demise of its nightlife.


Okay. Now cue a little “Eye of the Tiger.”

Because Batch Gastropub, a brick-lined hall serving up the city’s first carbonated cocktails on tap, is now open and ready to save Brickell.

People. This is big. Carbonated cocktails on tap. That’s happening here. “Here” being a massive wood-and-brick warehouse. With a circular marble bar, flat-screens and a roll-up garage door that turns the front into a proper drinking patio.

But back to the cocktails: they’ve got five of them waiting to course through handmade copper taps built to handle some carbonation. Like the King Clay (bourbon with ginger and rosemary shrubs).

Soaking it all up: duck-fat popcorn, brick-oven pizza and variations on mac and cheese from chefs with Nobu pedigrees.

And soon, there’ll be tables outfitted with taps that you’ll control with an Android tablet. And they interact with other tables. Translation: you can take over that comely stranger’s tap from across the way and virtually “send” her a drink using the tablet.

That or you can go talk to her.


Batch Gastropub
30 SW 12th St
Miami, FL, 33130


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