Tale of the Tape

Abstract Breast Art vs. Defaced Old Portraits

The great thing about art is that it’s subjective.

And the great thing about subjectivity is that it means work by people like Marcey Hawk (a woman who paints with her bare chest) and projects like Nobilified (a site that’ll paint your face onto an old portrait) can be considered art.

But, seriously, which is better...

The Artists
Marcey Hawk: Just a woman painting with the 30D paintbrushes that God gave her.
Nobilified: A team of oil painters who replicate century-old portraits... while adding in your mug.
Edge: Marcey Hawk. For sheer degree of difficulty alone.

The Techniques
Marcey Hawk: Marcey gets undressed. Marcey coats her upper torso in paint. Marcey makes a mess on a blank canvas. Art.
Nobilified: You know those really old paintings of emperors and maharajas and naked chubby angels? This is that. Plus your face. Allow three to four weeks for delivery.
Edge: Nobilified. But you’re probably biased.

The Finished Products
Marcey Hawk: Looks like the physical manifestation of the human subconscious. Or squished breasts.
Nobilified: Looks like you. Except with slightly more medieval armor than usual.
Edge: Push. This is why rooms come with multiple walls.

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