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An Alley Bar Where Chicken and Waffles Can Happen

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What most bars don’t have: a takeout window slinging chicken and waffles.

What most bars should have: well. That.

Raise a fist for Victory Hall & Parlor, a triumphant fusion of chicken, waffles and drinks that’s technically just a bar and a Little Skillet takeout window working in beautiful harmony, now open in SoMa.

Odds are, you’ve gone down an alley for Little Skillet’s chicken-and-waffles window before. Well, there’s now a slight improvement in what’s adjacent—oh, just a massive industrial cavern of oil lamps, chevron-topped counters and communal tables. (If ever a new bar has un-communal tables, we’ll let you know.)

Anyway, at this point you might be wondering:

—If you should go at noon for lunch, order from the window and sneak in a Mirror Pond pale ale on tap.

—If instead you should go after work to meet up with friends, order a few Blind Swordsmans (there’s gin, beet, cucumber, basil and a champagne float) and end up sticking around for Cajun-fried oysters, a burger with blackened fries and a spiked punch bowl.

—Or if instead you should drop in before midnight, after you’ve hit a couple other bars and you’re in the mood to course-correct with that chicken-and-waffles situation.

The correct answer is: yes.


Victory Hall & Parlor
360 Ritch St
(near Townsend)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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