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Shake Shack Harvard Square: Just the Facts

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A word you’re sick of hearing: snow.

A word you’re not sick of hearing: cheeseburgers.

Perfect. Because we’re here to talk about cheeseburgers.

Cue the latest Boston outpost of the Manhattan burger empire Shake Shack, now open in Harvard Square.

Here now, your burger-and-custard-related intelligence report:

Shake Shacks now in existence on the planet: 40
Shake Shacks now in existence in Greater Boston: 2
Number of Mount Holyoke paper mills used to build the walls of this one: 1
Fireplaces built into said walls: 1
Adjacent, date-warming seats: 4
Burgers on menu: 5
Burgers it takes to make a Shack Stack: 2 (1 ShackBurger + 1 ’Shroom Burger)
Off-menu grilled-cheese sandwiches: 1
House wines available to complement your grilled cheese: 2
Date their wine will also be available on tap: something/something/2014
Ratio of draft root beer to draft beer beer (Allagash White, ShackMeister Ale...): 1:4
Number of desserts made with red velvet cake from the South End Buttery: 1 (the Crimson Red Velvet concrete)
Chance of getting that at any other Shake Shack: 0%
Odds you’ll try anyway: 100%

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