Things to do for December 26, 2013

The Weekender

Champagne, Rooftops and Macklemore

Welcome to New Year’s Rockin’ Weekend.

UD - A New Year’s Eve Blowout at Mondrian

A New Year’s Eve Blowout at Mondrian

Your Perks: exclusive VIP access to a massive New Year’s Eve blowout at Mondrian, with unlimited drinks, dancing and burlesque. (It’s not New Year’s without tassels.) You’re also getting a custom suit to start off the year right, and a cocktails-and-chocolate-fondue date on a rooftop for $60. It’s a time-tested combination.

UD - Rooftop Dancing in Chelsea

Rooftop Dancing in Chelsea

Things you need on New Year’s Eve: dancing, a spectacular view. Things you don’t really need: birds. Things you’re getting atop Americano: all that (yes, including the birds). There’ll be music from Ana Matronic (of Scissor Sisters) and a “live avian art installation.” In 2014, birds are gonna be huge.

UD - Three Monster Parties at the Dream

Three Monster Parties at the Dream

Maybe you’ve heard of Macklemore. Dude from Seattle. Raps. Funny haircut. Anyway, he’s hosting a rager all over the Dream Downtown—PH-D, the Gallery and Below the Dream. He’ll be traveling through each space while you dance and champagne it up. And that’s what work is for him.

UD - Sushi and Schoolhouse Karaoke

Sushi and Schoolhouse Karaoke

One last great sushi meal for 2013: that’s what’s going on here. You’ll do a seven-course tasting menu washed down with bubbly and then make your way downstairs to karaoke on into 2014. Good thing you’ve been brushing up on your “1999.”

Dec 31, 8pm, $125, Maison O, 98 Kenmare St (between Cleveland and Mulberry), 212-274-9898, reserve here

UD - If NYE Were a Swingers Party

If NYE Were a Swingers Party

You may not be an expert in all things, but you know damn well that you need to be a part of anything that involves “disco daiquiris.” And that’s what you’ll be fueling yourself with at ’70s-y bar Golden Cadillac. Go home with someone with feathered hair.

UD - Champagne and Caviar Above Brooklyn

Champagne and Caviar Above Brooklyn

If you can both end and start a year with caviar and blini in one hand and a nice glass of grower champagne in the other, all while staring out at a panoramic view of Manhattan, then... success. It’ll happen at the Ides. As long as you don’t mind multitasking.

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