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A New Oyster Bar in West Town

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Listen, kids. We’ve got some bad news.

It’s about that shiny new oyster bar you asked for. The one with all the good beer, Wagyu steak and rock lobster. Well, you see, Santa’s been real busy this year and... we don’t know exactly how to say this.

He had to drop it off early.

Yes, Virginia: there is a new oyster bar in West Town. It’s called Bow & Stern. It opens tonight. Go ahead. It’s all yours. Take a look around.

It has all those unmistakable seafood-joint hallmarks: cerulean walls, nautical ropes, the occasional random portal hanging above a booth. To really drive home the maritime theme, you’ll be hit with the briny scent of eight or so varieties of oysters, imported six days a week, when you enter. Nice touch.

You’ll probably knock back pints (they’ve got more than 40 beers) with mateys in the front bar. Slurp oysters. Binge on lobster rolls. If you know a good sea shanty, let loose.

But the dining room’s white tablecloths and atrium ceiling call out for you and a holiday date. You’ll toast with champagne cocktails. You’ll split a shrimp cocktail. You’ll order a lobster-and-Wagyu surf and turf.

You’ll... consume a lobster-and-Wagyu surf and turf.


Bow & Stern
1371 W Chicago Ave
(at Noble)
Chicago, IL, 60642


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