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A Quirky New Burger Joint in Logan Square

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This time of year, it’s easy to forget the things that really matter.

Like fried Twinkies, Fernet-Branca on tap and really good double-decker cheeseburgers.

Here to remind you: Parts and Labor, a quirky new burger bar in Logan Square, opening Thursday.

Russ Grant (Boiler Room, Simone’s) is behind it, so the decor is typically random: there are vintage basketball air pumps mounted on the wall, a million or so black shop ladders hanging behind the bar and glossy photos of a U. S. Steel plant in Gary. The booths in the back are painted the colors of an Atari 2600 display. And yet, defying all logic, it works.

You’ll want to grab some friends, make sure you’re not dressed up and claim some space at the front communal table. They’ve got a griddle-cooked pork-and-beef burger served with fries that have been freshly curled on-premises (yup, we’re in an age of artisanal curly fries). Oh, and they’ve got deep-fried Twinkies, if you’re feeling state-fair-ish.

What you’re drinking: probably beer. They’ll have weekly rotating bombers from Pipeworks, as well as some Hamm’s. But there is a good scotch hiding back there somewhere—in case of emergencies.

Just like at home.

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