Plucky ’13

2013, by the Numbers


It started as an entire year. Now it’s just a tiny little day.

And after a few glasses of champagne... it’s gone forever.

Lest we forget, these are the figures behind some of the city’s most dubious, glorious and inglorious moments of the year that was.

Terms Tom Menino served as Boston mayor: 5
Number of times he apologized for suggesting he’d blow up Detroit: 1
Years Norman Pashoian worked as a doorman at the Taj Boston before retiring: 66
Number of doors opened throughout that tenure: a really high number
Seats at Johnny D’s: 300
Ratio of seats to Neil Youngs at a surprise Johnny D’s show: 300:1
Amount of money a homeless man found in a backpack and returned to its owner: $41,900
Dollars currently crowdfunded for him as a reward: $159,000+
Subsequent karma points earned: 34,783
Ratio of feature films to Boston drag shows Dan Aykroyd appeared in this year: 1:1
Hours the “Ron Burgundy School of Communication” existed at Emerson College: 24
Winning bid for a ball of David Ortiz’s beard clippings at a charity auction: $10,877.77
Number of expletives in David Ortiz’s televised “This Is Our F**king City” declaration during a pregame Marathon memorial service: 1
Consensus of agreement with Big Papi: 100%

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