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Bourbon and Dried Meats by the Ounce in Dogpatch

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Cocktails and jerky.

That’s what happens here.

It’s a bar that serves cocktails and jerky.

(What. We’d never joke about something this serious.)

Time to welcome Third Rail to the neighborhood—it’s a well-prioritized new tavern of sturdy drinks and dried meats, opening tomorrow in Dogpatch.

Say you’re staring down a night when you don’t need a whole big thing—but that hardly means you’re going home. Come by after work, grab a stool at the handsome, sorta-deco bar and see what happens.

What happens is, you’ll be sitting in a welcoming, masculine space full of blues, grays, beiges and bottles—and you might warm up with a Cold Snap. (It’s got rye, Snap, citrus and bitters.) And lots of jerky. The Red Eye is spiked with coffee and chili, and the Cowboy Jerky has pineapple juice, onion and jalapeño. If you make some new friends or meet up with some old ones, commandeer the loungier front area filled with mid-century couches.

But if you... make a new friend or meet up with an old one... who’s looking at you in a way that tells you a lot about your upcoming morning, duck into one of the booths opposite the bar.

Where eating jerky may or may not look more seductive.


Third Rail
628 20th St
(at 3rd)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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