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A Massive Warehouse of Parkas, Henleys and Knives

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You’ve navigated the wilds. (Of Dogpatch.)

You’ve employed your trusty compass. (Your smartphone.)

N 37° 45.4845′ W 122° 23.2779′. You’re almost there.

Roll up the garage door for Triple Aught Design, a massive warehouse of a shop that has a borderline-unhealthy obsession with the great outdoors—it’ll be open tomorrow for the Dogpatch Warehouse Sale, then officially open Tuesday.

You might’ve picked up a parka in the old Triple Aught Design shop. Aww. Isn’t that nice. This one’s five times bigger. Concrete everywhere. A Tahoe mountain mural. And endless modules filled with their parkas, waterproof Stealth jackets, merino wool Praetorian sweaters and henleys. For when you’re roughing it for a few days, or going to Blue Bottle when it’s kind of chilly out.

And yeah, you could get a fair amount of that stuff online. But you wouldn’t get the majesty of standing around in a warehouse and breathing in that fresh mountain/warehouse air.

Besides, lots of this stuff isn’t available on the website: knives, a Fellhoelter TiBolt titanium pen (it’ll write upside down... in the rain) or the most rugged spork you’ve ever seen.

And in your time you’ve known some rugged sporks.


Triple Aught Design
660 22nd St
(at 3rd)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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