Instant Crush

Three Ways to Use Crush

Tomorrow: turkey, family, home.

After that: wine, seduction, Vegas.

Right here...

It’s called Crush, a grand garden of a wine bar/dinner spot at MGM Grand, opening a week from today.

They’re working with 7,000 square feet here, and there’re several ways to go about tackling all that space. Before you, a few ideas:

Grape-Related Contemplation
There’s a long zinc bar at the front. It’s got some sexy overhead woodwork, and it’s the ideal place for a solo tasting while you wait for someone (specific or otherwise). Tell them to open a bottle of Beaujolais for you. Swirl, waft, sip. Repeat until accompanied.

Date-Night Breath Taking
The light here is set up to mimic the sun’s natural movements in the sky. Which... is a fact you’ll casually share with your date while splitting some lamb sirloin and bacon brussels sprouts.

40-Person Wine Party
That arched, white-brick, LED-lit gateway—it leads to the private dining cellar. If, by chance, you’ve brought 39 friends along, this space and its accompanying helpings of shrimp risotto are yours.

Apologize to #40 for us.


at MGM Grand
3799 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


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