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A Bow-Tie Pop-Up to Get You Through the Holidays

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The industry parties. The house parties. The... sitting around drinking toddies and watching A Christmas Story.

At least two of these frequent holiday occurrences require proper neckwear.

At least...

Suit up for Tie the Knot, a holiday pop-up shop that’s all about bow-tie overload, now open at Beverly Center. Here are three ways you’ll use it:

Surviving last-minute black-tie emergencies.
Say you’re hurtling down La Cienega when you get word: there’s a Spielberg throwing a party in an hour. Doesn’t matter if it’s Doug Spielberg. You’re going. Make a hard right into the Beverly Center, find the small white room illuminated by a mass of dangling orbs and grab a classic black bow tie. Maybe a couple more traditional striped ones to keep in the glove box. There. You’re ready.

Being a thoughtful Santa.
Giving a tie: not exactly a groundbreaking gift. But this is LA, so everyone should probably have at least one piece of neckwear designed by a sitcom actor. (This line’s from Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson.)

Getting stuff that’s... not ties.
The Tie Bar is handling accessories here, and they brought houndstooth suspenders, madras money clips and owl-head cufflinks.

So your holiday owl-head quota is attained.


Tie the Knot
at the Beverly Center
8500 Beverly Blvd, Level 7
Los Angeles, CA, 90048


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