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First, the Island Creek Oyster Bar. Then...

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Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow.

Yet somehow, all you can think about is oysters and smoked trout in mason jars.

Must be all those oysters and smoked trout in mason jars at Row 34, a sturdy new bastion of ice-cold bivalves and brewed things from the forces behind Island Creek Oyster Bar, now open in Fort Point.

Those Island Creek guys. They do a pretty good job with the whole starting oyster farms and opening oyster bars thing. So if anyone’s going to fill a century-old steel warehouse with shellfish and beer, it’s... them.

Anyway, they wanted this to be easy for you. That’s why they set up the raw bar and beer bar to be the first things you and your date see after the door. They understand that being greeted by fluke crudo and 24 tap lines is just good hospitality.

Where you’ll go from there: the rather sizable side room for some mason-jar-encased trout under a wall of illuminated oyster sorters. Also in this room: a 10-foot-high wooden door on metal hinges. When it’s open, it’s just another room. When it’s closed, it becomes a private, gated citadel of oyster consumption.

You always knew you’d have one of those.

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