Mixed Emotions

Custom Cereal Courtesy of the Internet

None Six days.

That’s how long you have until 65% of your body is turkey.

So let’s take it easy today. Let’s make cereal on the Internet.

That’s a thing now, by the way. Specifically, it’s MixMyOwn, a dispensary of choose-your-own-adventure cereal, online now.

It’s like one of those omelet stations at a hotel breakfast. But on the Internet. With corn puffs and muesli instead of eggs and guys in awkward tall hats. You just visit the site and receive unlimited power. Power to be guided step-by-step through the genesis of your own custom cereal.

How that happens: choose between bases like five-grain muesli and crunchy coconut granola. Browse around for add-ons like goji berries and tea powder and other things that are way less delicious than Cinnamon Toast Crunch but are really good for you, which makes it all okay.

Then, before you know it, a whole pound of the mix is bagged up and dispatched to your house in a handful of days.

Oh, and you get to name your cereal. And that name will be printed on a label and slapped on your bag.

You’ll call it...


Wait for it...


Wait for it...


Cheerios Jr.

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