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Paragliding over the Chilean Desert

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This Thanksgiving, you should be grateful for one thing: wings.

No, not the delicious chicken kind...

No, not the band-helmed-by-Paul-McCartney kind...

Yes, those things that allow you to fly hundreds of feet in the air.

Cue “I Believe I Can Fly” for Desert Wings, an off-the-grid, cross-country paragliding journey over the Atacama Desert, taking reservations now.

You’re basically living out the sequel to Lawrence of Arabia. You know, the one set in northern Chile, where Lawrence says to hell with trudging across colossal sand dunes, straps on a state-of-the-art personal flying contraption and soars over them instead. Hmm... maybe it was direct-to-VHS. Anyway, that’s you.

But before you head south, two things need to happen: you’ll need a paragliding certification—only requires about 10 days and a rather large waiver to sign. Then, you’ll need to sand-proof your camera for when you’re snapping shots of massive canyons and pristine coastlines like some kind of airborne nature paparazzo.

As for sleeping arrangements: there’s a few hundred million square miles of unclaimed desert nearby, so you and your guides will set up camp each night. Do some bonding. Stargazing. They’ll even host a nightly barbecue to ensure you’re well fed.

And because there’s not any good delivery out there.

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