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Gotham West Market, by the Numbers

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Gotham West Market is here. Imagine a king-size food court in Midtown. If food courts had world-class ramen and tapas from the man behind Tertulia. So... way, way better than all the other food courts.

It’s here to take care of your breakfast-through-late-night-snack needs (and your “Oh my God, what the hell am I doing in far west Midtown?” needs). Take a look at the key figures.

Square feet you’re working with: 10,000, each more majestic than the last
Counters, shops and diners to visit: 9
Number of those that are a ramen spot from Ivan Orkin: 1
Types of ramen you can get there: 5, including his famous shoyu
Bike shops on the premises: 1 (NYC’s second location of Velo, where you’ll buy... a bike. Or a handsome British-leather saddle.)
Combined amount of sandwiches you’ll be tasting from the Cannibal, Court Street Grocers Sandwich Shop and Little Chef: once we finish this beef-mushroom-gruyère-fried-onion-and-red-wine-sauce job we’re working on, we’ll let you know
Odds you’ll have room for El Colmado’s flan: 100:1
Odds you’ll have some anyway: 2:1
Number of olive-oil fryers on site: 1, that we know of
Available margaritas made with both tequila and beer: 1 (the Lagerita at Genuine Roadside)
Mixtapes you can bring to Roadside that they’ll play in their wall-mounted boombox:
Seconds it took you to start wondering where your cassette copy of Dookie is: 1.3


Gotham West Market
600 11th Ave
(between 44th and 45th)
New York, NY, 10036


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