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A New Level of Downtown General Store

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When you need a new shirt, you could head to a Downtown clothing store.

But when you need a gleaming 1959 Fiat Abarth 750 Spyder, you could... head to a Downtown clothing store.

Man, Downtown sure ain’t what it used to be...

Make a pit stop at Alchemy Works, a handsome new cavern of beach-friendly clothes and the occasional mid-century roadster, now open in the Arts District from an Apolis founder.

With burnished concrete floors, soaring rafters and that Fiat on the floor, it looks a lot like a classic-car showroom in here—only this one’s got Wittmore-curated shirts, distressed Hawaiian jackets and hand-shaped Almond surfboards to get you through your next après-Thanksgiving bonfire.

But if you’re doing the sort of gift shopping that’s something like “I have absolutely no idea what to get this person, but it needs to be good,” this’ll help with that, too. They’ve got all sorts of nicely curated—by which we mean cool and random—stuff. Hill-side skinny ties. Weiss watches. Bikes. Duffels. Shaving kits. And essentials for the home, like blankets and ancient Texan prison keys.

Good luck getting them duplicated.

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