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A Downtown Attic with Rubber Duckie Cocktails

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“One cocktail, please. Extra rubber duckies.”

Congratulations, you live in a world where you can say that now.

But only at Highball Lounge, a sprawling den of wine cocktails and late-night board games high atop the Nine Zero Hotel, opening Wednesday in Downtown Crossing.

Looks like a 1960s attic in here. It’s a huge, wood-paneled chamber with antique furniture and a shelf full of vintage vinyl and old board games. Also present: vodka, DJs, lovely humans and Connect Four. And vodka. And Connect Four. Moving on.

Ask for a View-Master. Yes, the red, plastic, childhood kind. These ones display lists of cocktails instead of Batman comics. Click away until you reach the Siciliano with house-blended amaro and blood orange soda. Order it. Take command of a corner banquette under one of the mismatched chandeliers and eat Korean fried chicken nuggets.

Oh, and play board games. Because this place has a lot of those. So a little high-stakes Trouble and a #DuckieRosé sounds about right. That’s a cocktail. It’s made with wine. Then it’s topped with a yellow rubber duckie.

Don’t worry, they already hashtagged it for you.

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