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An Outdoorsy General Store in a Barbershop

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Friday’s a great day for a haircut. Because you just... feel good all weekend.

It’s also a great day to get a haircut, hot shave, wool blanket, windbreaker, wine opener and chainsaw.

Because... this place exists.

Take a little off the top at Fellow Barber, then keep moving into Fellow Barber Footprint, the only outdoorsy general store connected to a barbershop you’ll (probably) ever need, now open.

If you’re thinking of squeezing in one last camping trip before the holidays, this little shop—filled with redwood and the scent of pine—has the stuff you’d want to see when you unzip your tent and step inside. Hair products, sure—camping is no excuse for a bad hair day. But also: Kletterwerks backpacks, camp caps, hanging succulent holders, ceramic speakers, handblown glass straws...

What. Nothing wrong with a nice tent.

Anyway, if you’re just shopping for your sub-neck region, they’ve got plenty of fleeces and Victory Press parkas to get you to and from that tent. Or just back to your place. Which, thanks to Fellow Barber Footprint, now has a handsome walnut bike shelf that also has space for some coffee-table books.

Or maybe it’s a bookshelf with room for a bike.

There’s no need to label everything.


Fellow Barber Footprint
696 Valencia St
(at 18th)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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