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Dancing in a South Loop Bar

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Sometimes you want to dance.

Sometimes you need to dance.

And sometimes... well, sometimes you just need to watch other people need to dance.

So meet Riff Music Lounge, a South Loop recording studio repurposed for your getting-down and vodka-and-Red-Bull-ing needs, soft-open next weekend.

Pressure Point Studios used to use this as a recording studio for artists like Justin Timberlake, J. Lo and Mariah Carey, but now the studio’s entirely upstairs. Still, don’t be surprised if you notice the occasional drop-in by a visiting recording-industry dignitary.

You can come here and do bottle service and all that in a semiprivate leather-covered corner booth. But we just really see you coming here with a friend or two and being more chill. The space is mainly just one long LED-lit bar, which you’ll follow to the back. There: a dance floor. And endless possibilities.

See, for the most part, this place is about you dancing. And the timing is, of course, great. Black Wednesday rumpus is coming up, and you wouldn’t mind a place to practice your robot. The music will range from pop to EDM to whatever the DJ feels like.

Hopefully he doesn’t feel like K-pop.


Riff Music Lounge
2239 S Michigan Ave
(between 23rd and Cermak)
Chicago, IL, 60616


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