La Vie en ’Rosa

Mezcal Cocktails and Mayan-Spiced Ribeye, Late

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Today we begin with a prequel.

And then we’ll get to the main course.

And there’ll be too much alluring mezcal, onyx and mole for you to worry about any mixed metaphors along the way...

This is the story of Sabrosa, a lively Mexican joint with strong mezcal cocktails that’ll lead you through plenty of did-that-just-happen nights, opening tomorrow.

Okay, so the prequel: you come in after work. Starving. The main bar’s the thing here, and it’s a dimly illuminated onyx beauty, but don’t think that’s all there is. The chef opened Nopalito, so you and a couple friends might want to fill a leather banquette with Mayan-spice-rubbed ribeye and carnitas-style braised ribs with chocolate mole.

So now that you’ve eaten, you’re ready to rise up from your banquette for the main course: a mezcal night at that onyx bar. The owners are behind Redford and the Brixton, and now they’re bringing out Night Creatures (mezcal, rye, Averna, Bénédictine and orange bitters) and Oaxacan Firing Squads (there’s tequila and more mezcal).

Which means: you can expect a crowd made up of attractive people who increasingly desire to get to know each other better. On warm nights, it’ll all spill out to the sidewalk tables on the street.

And... elsewhere.

The end.

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