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A Chem Lab Cocktail Bar Steps from Twitter HQ

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You might’ve heard about Twitter’s big news.

That’s right, there’s this crazy new bar next to their HQ.

It’s got a bizarre machine that makes Corpse Revivers on demand. It’s got a secret room in the back with a soft-serve machine. It’s got... you in there, drinking Corpse Revivers and eating soft-serve.

Yep, huge week for Twitter...

Gather your shares for Oddjob, a beautifully wonky, sputtering chem lab of a bar steps away from the Twitter mother ship, opening tonight.

Head there tonight, and you’ll probably find some people in a pretty good mood. And not just because of... well, you know. But it’s kind of hard not to have fun at a place where you order a Corpse Reviver and this weird Rube Goldberg–ish contraption spits gin, Lillet, triple sec and lemon juice into a beaker, then sends it through some ice, gets it into a glass, and then you get that glass.

And in the back—just look for the cream-colored bar, the velvet ceiling and the soft-serve machine—that’s where there’s no Corpse Reviver machine and no menu. That’s where you tell the bartender what you’re in the mood for, and get something special.

To be clear, the bartender is a human.


1337 Mission St
(near 9th)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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