Cake Walk

This Club Has Cake and Whiskey

None Soon, you’ll be swept away in a blizzard of holiday parties, tinsel-covered mayhem and unabashed frolicking.

That’s nice. Have fun. Frolic yourself silly.

Just don’t lose sight of the one thing that’s really important:

Cake. And whiskey. Okay, so that’s two things.

Welcome to the Cake & Whiskey Club, a new monthly event that endeavors to elevate your cake-eating and whiskey-belting experiences, taking reservations now.

Yes, you heard us. A cake-and-whiskey party. It’s both that simple and that genius. It’s a paean to the old Chicago neighborhood social clubs, those darkened bastions where friends and neighbors would get dressed up, listen to live music and socialize. And, apparently, go completely bonkers on cakes and booze. Who knew.

The next one of these occurs between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The night will likely have some sort of old-timey band (of the Mumford & Sons variety) setting the tempo and gift bags as parting... gifts.

But the whiskey de la nuit will be cinnamon whiskey, incorporated into such cocktails as eggnog. The flavor of cake has not been decided yet, but organizers are looking for one made with champagne. So wear something velvety.

And crumb-resistant.

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