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Three Bars’ Worth of Sushi, Sake and Pork Belly

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Meat sticks.

Oh, you’re still with us. Thought you might be.

Get just the right amount of excited for Izakaya Ittoku, a lantern-lit alcove of sake cocktails, Japanese street food and other things best dealt with in groups, now soft-open in Allston.

There are three things you should know about this place. And all of those things are bars. Let’s see, you’ve got your sushi bar. Your yakitori bar. And finally, your sake bar. Can’t forget about the sake bar.

Gather some able-bodied friends at the sushi one first and lay a solid foundation of sashimi for the evening. You’ll need it.

Because the open-kitchen yakitori bar is where all the rounds of warm Ozeki and frosty Japanese beers start appearing. Say the words “bacon-wrapped quail eggs,” and they’ll be delivered via skewer. Say the words “pork belly,” and yeah, more skewers. That’s what yakitori means. That’s why that keeps happening.

But at some point, the meat-to-sake ratio will tip in sake’s favor. You’ll know it when it happens, because you’ll be at the sake bar holding a house-carbonated sake cocktail flavored by Japanese grapes.

It’s also flavored by sake.


Izakaya Ittoku
1414 Commonwealth Ave
Allston, MA, 02134


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