An Airy Stunner at the Viceroy

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Against all odds, you’re starting to want to come to... 57th Street.

We know, we know.

But really: Betony, Quality Italian—not too shabby.

And hey, now there’s this...

Bid glad tidings to Kingside, a grand old (new) Midtown hotel restaurant from Marc Murphy (he of Landmarc/Ditch Plains/television). It’s open as we speak.

Clients. Partners. Dates. That’s who you’ll impress here. And you’ll impress them with tan leather corner nooks (the dates, anyway) and awe-inspiring pans of two-man ribeye and marrowbone.

For your ideal evening, follow these steps:

1. Log some time at the bar. You saw it through the 20-foot-tall window, and it’s even better on the inside (most bars are). Get familiar with the Cali Swizzle, a warming mixture of rum, cinnamon, cardamom, orange, pineapple and bitters. Drink this. Then advance...

2. ... past the black-and-white tile walls, room-length banquettes and chalkboards in the middle room. This section feels more correct for lunch. And lunch is great, but tonight...

3. ... sit at a) one of those seductive corner booths we mentioned or b) the big, bright kitchen counter. Eat roasted scallops and double rib veal chop.

4. Repeat step 1.

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