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Draft Cocktails and Rabbit Confit in Brookline

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You know cocktails.

They’re those drinks with alcohol in them that come out of a tap.

Or those things you drink from glass bottles with caps on them.

At least that’s what they are at Fairsted Kitchen, a handsome new parlor of kegged cocktails, whole oxtails and other things a large group of your friends wouldn’t hate, now open in Brookline.

You’ll feel like you’ve stumbled into the dining room of a Victorian mansion here. Must be all the 19th-century stuff lying around. Like that chandelier found in an old South Boston manor. Or the front door, which stood in a local boathouse when presidents had beards.

Take your party to the big table that used to be a church doorframe. Someone will put antique china and silverware in front of you. Use those to eat huge, shared entrées like a full two feet of braised oxtail. Maybe a small plate like herb spatzle with rabbit confit to provide scale on Instagram.

And about that bar behind you: it’s great for bottled Singapore Slings. And rotating draft cocktails from a home keg. Right now it’s a Bijou. Which, loosely translated, means 640 ounces of gin, vermouth and génépi.

Which, firmly translated, means fantastic.

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