Pizza Rock

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The Many Uses of Pizza Rock

Today, let the wisdom of Yogi Berra guide you:

“You better cut the pizza in four slices because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.”

Timeless. Hilarious.

And on the wall in big block letters at Pizza Rock, a highly decorated/somewhat insane pizza place that’s come to Vegas. Downtown, specifically. And here’s how you’ll use it:

Experience Neapolitan perfection.
Or Sicilian. Or Romana. Or Chicago-style deep dish. They’ve got four types of ovens for many types of pies. And the guy working those ovens has won 11 different world pizza championships. He’s basically the Bill Russell of pizza.

Experience... sports on television.
There’s a big bar with big flat-screens. That’s a prime spot to catch some football and eat some World Pizza Cup–winning margherita. They’re only making 73 per day, so be quick about it.

Experience date night.
Grab a secluded, chandelier-lit two-top. Then feed each other slices from a smoked-pancetta pizza that’s been drizzled with Campari. Yes, we’re drizzling pizzas with Campari now.

Experience pizza nightlife.
Friday and Saturday, they’ll have DJs spinning until 4am from the back of a semitruck that’s parked in the middle of the place.

Classic Vegas-pizza-parlor move.


Pizza Rock
201 N 3rd St
(between Stewart and Ogden)
Las Vegas, NV, 89101

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