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Four Things to Know About Pockets 2.0

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Do a little math and... yep, almost four decades ago.

That’s when Pockets Menswear first graced our city.

So back in May when it closed, well... let’s just say you had a couple nice cashmere things to dry your tears.

But it’s back now. With a new look, some new stuff and a new Preston Center address.

Here’s what you need to know.

They’re tailoring everything on-site.
The new shop’s creating wonderful made-to-measure things for you. Suits. Shirts. Suit-shirts (kidding). And just around the corner: their tailor, who’s happy to stitch whatever you bring in. So that’s convenient.

They’re really sprucing up your wrist.
Specifically, with vintage Rolexes. We’re talking old Submariners and Daytonas that have been cleaned up and outfitted with straps made from Italian bridle leather.

Things have gotten younger and slimmer.
The standbys are still there: Hamilton shirts, Canali suits, the like. But now they’re sporting some new-school fall essentials like Aether quilted jackets and sweaters from John Smedley.

You can dress like an Irish fisherman.
Because they’ve brought in some rugged shawl cardigans from Inis Meáin, a little knitting company located on the Aran Islands. They’re inspired by the durable ones preferred by Ireland’s hearty fishermen.

So... there’s your Halloween costume.


Pockets Menswear
4000 Villanova St
Dallas, TX, 75225


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