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Flatiron’s New Orleans-y Dinner Spot

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If you had a dream where martinis were rolling after you, you’d be frightened.

You’d analyze.

You’d stick with water for a while.

In real life, though... turns out, it’s pretty great.

Check out Bo’s, a vast seductress of a New Orleans-y dinner spot, opening Friday in Flatiron.

This place is a) sexy, b) from the Crave Fishbar chef and c) date-night perfection. Low lights and accordion lamps with velvet booths and alligator and Ramos gin fizzes from a Mulberry Project cocktailist. (Oh, right: we said alligator. It’s crispy and served with red pepper and chili aioli, and it probably would have eaten you otherwise.)

Upon entering, you’ll see some fleur-de-lis-ish tile and a zinc bar. You’ll want a gin fizz—see, they’ve worked out an ingenious way to make it quickly. (It involves suspenders, wizardry and... we’ve already said too much.)

From there, advance into the herringbone-floored dining room. They’re going to feed you monster pork chops and curried goat. There’ll be that staggering, lazy jazz creeping out of the ceiling. Then, a martini cart will greet you with the old gin/vodka question and a selection of pickled vegetables to go with the drink.

You know, for nutritional balance.


6 W 24th St
(between Broadway and 6th)
New York, NY, 10010


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